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Money matters: How smart spenders save money

So you consider yourself someone who is good with money, right?
You have what is believed to be a pristine budget that borders on near perfection. You have a handle on your expenses versus income and can tell anyone who's asking what the difference is between the two.
Those two staples certainly put you well ahead of the pack as far as money and being able to not only manage it but monitor the ins and outs of how much you have at any given time.
But what about doing something above and beyond that and saving that much more?
Those adept at budgeting certainly pay close attention to their bottom lines, but they also implement a bevy of money saving techniques that allow them the kind of financial freedom that most would love. Of course, saving money often comes with it the notion that you have to pay the ultimate sacrifice and give up everything you enjoy doing, such as vacationing in the summer, never paying for another sporting event ticket or assuming that any extra income goes to your savings account in all instances.

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That, of course, isn't what saving money is about but rather having the inclination and wherewithal to know how to find certain aspects of your budget or day to day habits and trim accordingly.
They know how to take something like a cable or cell phone bill and get the most out of them without overpaying for the service. In some cases, they, such as the cable, they use Netflix and other low cost streaming services in place of the higher cost of satellite or cable and simply "make do," without actually cutting their entertainment cord completely.
One often overlooked aspect of saving money is just not spending it. That sounds way too simple but consider how many people who struggle or have money woes might be inclined to spend money on items or products that they don't need but rather are heavily influenced by sale prices, advertising and marketing. Let's say that living room furniture is perfectly fine, maybe a few years old or just getting to the point that it has about five years or so left, and you catch an ad on television for 0% interest for 6 years and decide to drop a few thousand dollars on a new set. That spending isn't by any means a must have but you'll assume that the deal is "too good to pass on," since you're sort of, kind of in the market for furniture.
Being smart when it comes to money often is in the eye of the beholder. You may consider yourself as part of that select group, but after much discussion and inner debate you realize that you're average at best. Don't fret by any means; you're on the right track but need to spend time searching a little closer at saving that much more.

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