Top 3 worst Valentine's Day gifts

02/14/15 by Jackie Russo

Today is Valentine's Day and chances are you've already purchased a gift for that special someone. Naturally, men tend to lead toward flowers, jewelry, candy or dinner, most of the staples that define February 14 each year.
For women, you might think of something just as sweet: a beautifully written card or surprising your significant other with a special trip or even something special, like concert tickets or front row seats to something sports related.
With any holiday of this ilk, you have the opportunity to sink or swim as far as the gift goes. Guys tend to have a little more pressure on them since something that lacks sincerity or feels as though it was thrown together is going to come across as "had to buy something" verses wanting to do it.

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Bad gifts, however, should be easy to spot, particularly if you go by your gut feeling when you're buying it, knowing full well that it just doesn't seem like it carries with it the "wow" factor. Of course, wowing someone doesn't have to suggest you need to go big ticket, overly expensive with your purchase. A card that you wrote tends to carry as much or more weight than a new car in the driveway.
Here's what flat out, without any doubt won't necessarily get your Valentine's Day off to the start you'd want.
1. Household appliances: Nothing says "I Love You" like suggesting to your wife, husband or partner that they should spend more time cooking or cleaning. Handing someone a toaster, juicer or any other lame counter top appliance for Valentine's Day undoubtedly will lead to a quiet, awkward post gift giving dinner.
2. Exercise equipment: Here's another swing and miss no matter how is giving this one as a gift. Exercise equipment or even gym memberships are less about the tangible product (even if the person asked about having one) and more about telling him or her that they need to lose weight or get in shape. Now, before you say, "But that's what they wanted," you have to remember the nature of this holiday. Valentine's Day is about love, romance and saying how much you love and care about someone. If you want to buy them a treadmill, do it on a Saturday afternoon just because or better yet, buy it when you're with them so there are no hard feelings after the purchase.
3. Just flowers: Yes, you are correct that flowers are a Valentine's Day favorite, and floral shops make most of their income on this day alone. But giving flowers alone feels way too generic when you simply hand them over to your valentine after you've gotten home from work or in a way that is just bland. Flowers need to be delivered, spontaneous as they can be when someone is expecting them, and absolutely must include some sort of card attached to them that really drives home with words just how much you care. The flowers alone aren't going to cut it.

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