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No sweat: Who says you can't make sweats fashionable?

Face it, you would wear sweatpants all the time if you could, right?
They're soft, comfortable and allow you the feeling that you're essentially always lounging. But imagine the fashionable bliss you'd reach if you could don those same sweats and head to work on a casual Friday and not be ridiculed or sent home. How about not having to dress up some sort of dinner function or get together that truly isn't formal but rather a casual experience that could be accentuated with sweat pants in way that would or could be considered stylish?
Sweatpants, in recent years, have transitioned into the type of clothing that isn't always frowned upon as high end designers have found ways to make this comfy attire into something more acceptable. Of course, like any clothing, sweats can't be universal. Black tie affairs or something labeled as a business meeting aren't going to change as far as all of a sudden going to lift the ban on sweats and allow anything less than formal attire that has always been the norm.
But aside from that, why can't you wear sweatpants out in public without looking as though you should rolled out of bed or haven't had a laundry day in weeks?
The trick to making sweatpants look anything but what they actually are is being able to pair them accordingly with something that is so stunning or offsetting that you forget what kind of bottoms you're wearing. Today's style trends have women pairing sweats with sophisticated overcoats and jackets or even a nicer, higher quality boot or even a high heel if need be. Naturally, the sweatpants aren't something you'd snatch up at Costco, either. The tend to be softer, higher quality material and steer clear of the 100% cotton kind of touch that most generic sweats tend to have.

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Accessories like handbags and jewelry also are a nice touch, too. They suggest that the sweats are just a small part of the outfit and that you can basically dress up anything if the right matching partners of sort are part of the equation.
Naturally, the top of choice says a lot too about how the sweats will be perceived. Chilly and subzero temperatures (not to mention buckets and boatloads of snow) have ravaged the northeast this winter so stepping out in sweats also is a practical choice for warmth. Some fashion gurus opt to leave the New England Patriots sweatshirt home for at least a day or two and match up their sweats with a superb turtleneck or sweater, along with some form of aforementioned accessory to finish the look.
So even if the sweats say to some that you've decided to give up on the day, you can rebuke that rhetoric and transform your clothing of choice into something more remarkable.

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