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Burger bashing: Why fast food chains can be deceptively appealing to the public

As much as the general public focuses on eating healthy, fitness and doing everything possible to have more energy and live a healthier lifestyle, fast food restaurants still have flourished in the face of what you would believe to be a mentality shift toward consuming more fruits, vegetables and better for you foods in general.
Granted, you can argue that McDonald's and others of that ilk have struggled somewhat from a revenue perspective in recent years, but that doesn't mean fast food is in any danger of disappearing in the next decade or so, which leaves consumers and customers alike to determine how to not only eat healthier on their own but avoid inhaling a fatty cheeseburger or finishing off a large French fry without so much as batting an eye.
The trick really isn't so much understanding what is good or bad for you as most recognize that a burger, fries and Coke doesn't truly compare to making your own food at home or choosing to eat a salad, protein rich meals or limit the amount of sugar and fat you eat. What often is difficult is time management as it relates to planning meals but also the fast food chains and their penchant for marketing a product that looks so appealing to both adults and children that often time good judgment is suspended when dinner or lunch arrives.
Take for instance McDonald's, they do a tremendous job of pandering toward kids with their "Happy Meals," and parents tend to gravitate toward that as well to appease children who want this month's toy promotion, which is adeptly paired with a movie geared toward kids.
When parents make the decision to go with a "Happy Meal," they'll also be forced to order from a menu that isn't necessarily one that is health food oriented. Granted, McDonald's lists the calories for their meals, but that doesn't make the decision process easier given that you're already there and must make the best of a bad situation.

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Fast food restaurants have started to integrate salads and other "healthier" choices, but buyer must certainly beware as some salads include cheese, bacon, walnuts and other ingredients and ins that make these leafy alternatives worse for you than a hamburger. Even the darling of the fast food industry as it relates to healthier choices, Subway, still markets its six inch special subs for a certain price, those of which include sandwiches with fatty cold cuts, tuna (mixed with regular mayo) and meatballs, which undoubtedly have a 70-30 fat to lean meat component to them.
Fast food is always going to be an option, a part of what comprises our diets, but choosing wisely starts with being able to resist the temptation put forth by companies that have savvy means of making you think it's perfectly fine to eat there.

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