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Watchful eye: Indifference abounds over smart watches

Easily the most polarizing piece of technology, the smart watch wins plenty of battles but seems to be losing the war overall as being dubbed an integral gadget in the same vein as a smart phones and tablets.
Simply put, smart watches haven't reached household name status, despite plenty of providers still producing and marketing them as a must have to consumers. The potential downside to the smart watch is the buyer, specifically the marketplace being flooded with so much in the way of devices that the general public could conceivably be tapped out as far as having the disposable income to buy a watch of this ilk.
For some, the positives are certainly worth noting but not glaring enough to justify the capability of being able to answer the phone and send messages from the comfort of your wrist. Phones are so expertly crafted and relatively easily to tote around that the watch seems terribly out of place as a device that is some sort of communication salvation.
Furthermore and with functionality aside, the smart watch isn't exactly the kind of fashionable time piece that men and women clamor for to pair with a smart suit or some sort of formal attire. That said, some smart watch makers are making it a point to take note of that aspect of their products; no one is questioning that the watches work the way they're intended to from a technological perspective but they won't be featured on Fashion Week any time soon, either.
Granted, the intention of the smart watch was never to be something that you'd wear with that jacket and tie potentially, but having some that would be deemed a happy medium as it relates to practicality and poise from a product that doubles as a gadget and accessory certainly wouldn't hurt the appeal.

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Some are taking note of that expertly, none more appealing than the anything but appalling LG Watch Urbane. At first glance, the watch looks like something you'd find in a store front or retailer that dabbles either specifically in watches or one that carries the product as an accessory.
The LG Watch Urbane comes complete with all the proverbial bells and whistles you'd expect from a smart watch, and some are calling it a front runner out of the gate to rival the heavy hitters in this category.
But the LG Watch may give hope for the smart watches moving forward not so much for what they do but how they look.

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