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Soda bombed: Why your 'diet' drink is terribly unhealthy

Halfway through February, plenty of New Year's Resolutions that center on losing weight and eating healthy are either in full swing or became just another missed opportunity.
For those who still are pounding the treadmill pavement and counting calories, you've unlikely changed your routine to include being able to get to the gym before or after work but also finding ways to eat better, whether that means cutting fat, increasing protein or taking a long, hard look at what you're drinking.
The beverage battle might be one that is just as tough to win as the food. The general understanding is that water is the best medicine for weight loss because it gives you the feeling of being full but keeps you hydrated and energized to pursue that exercise plan.
Beyond water, a lot of misconceptions abound, particularly when you start getting into these so called energy, diet and "healthy" drinks. Information regarding energy drinks is overtly negative and as these are more associated with "crashing" and doing damage to your heart if you drink too many of them within the course of a certain time period or over a long period of time as well.
Diet sodas and even some waters that add flavor to them are especially discouraging given that they're filled with artificial sweeteners and chemicals that include the always polarizing sucralose and aspartame. These have been linked to certain cancers and other ailments that include stomach cramping and digestive disorders.

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The issue is most weight loss centers on calories, and since something like Diet Coke is a no calorie or low calorie drink, then the immediate interest in those beverages spikes. What isn't accounted for is not only the ingredients but also the proven fact that diet soda makes you feel hungrier, which tends to lead to more eating ironically.
In addition, diet soda wreaks havoc with other elements of health, namely your teeth and more cavities and darkening that once white smile.
Your better bet is to stick with water and tea (which has antioxidants in it) or trying to find things that create a happy, fizzy medium as far as taste but without the negative side effects, such as club soda or seltzer water. Even coffee has been linked to helping the liver, which can't be said for your diet drinks that are doing more harm than good.

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