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Relax And Breathe: Dispelling Yoga Myths Could Reveal Plenty Of Untapped Benefits

YOGA wants to set the record straight: they're more than just relaxation, breathing and meditation. YOGA is easily the most universal, diverse and well-received forms of exercise in the world.
In the midst of September (National YOGA Month), those benefits certainly cast an enormous, albeit beneficial light, on one of the oldest practices of spiritual, mental and physical disciplines, which dates back to some 5,000 years ago.
Overall, YOGA is often generalized by exercisers as an off day of sorts, one that is devoid of the traditional blood, sweat and tears often associated with workouts within a health club or gym. The male population, especially a younger one, scoffs at YOGA and opts for muscle building ad nauseum. But YOGA is quite potent and actually provides several sub-categories or genres of the practice that certainly take a combination of training and athleticism. Hatha yoga is the most well-known and universal types of YOGA in which posture and holding form is integral within this particular type. Holding these poses promotes a low-impact, highly purposeful and practical art that eliminates soreness, stiffness and those nagging aches and pains.
Those "meat" heads at the gym suddenly soften their stance on YOGA, given that it will help grow muscles in the long run. Furthermore, all shapes and sizes of athletes incorporate some sort of YOGA into their weekly regimen since the practice of it since it minimizes injuries and helps to prevent further ones from taking place.
Finding an eclectic mix of YOGA practices is paramount. A renowned source on wellness as a whole is Veria Living TV network as part of Veria.com. They've introduced various, fun-filled and engaging YOGA programming through their web site. They feature YOGA experts -- none more adept at the practice than Yogi Cameron - and health writers to teach and empower viewers. "A Model Guru" chronicles Cameron and his clientele en route to healthier lives with YOGA at the core.

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Veria.com and the Veria Living TV not only focus on YOGA but any number of shows that showcase various fitness trends or ancillary topics such as beauty tips.
But slowing down injuries and sweating profusely are hardly the only benefits of YOGA. No one exercise, practice or implementation of a particular fitness regimen is quite as faceted and dimensional as YOGA.
YOGA is foreseen by the general population as a way to combat stress and find inner-harmony, but that hardly scratches the proverbial surface of just how remarkable this ancient art truly is. YOGA is a means of alternative medicine to some; those suffering from any number of ailments turn toward YOGA often as a secondary means of combating symptoms.
Anxiety and depressions certainly are the best examples of this but the laundry list includes everything from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), back pain, dementia, cancer and Parkinson's Disease -- just to name a few.
Most realistic patients or those who suffer from these often debilitating afflictions and diseases probably realize that traditional medicine is first and foremost on a road to recovery. But YOGA has a proven track record of not only minimizing the pain and anguish but also truly intercepting and reversing the side effects and long-term management of the disease, whether it be physically or mentality.
Cancer patients typically find that YOGA improves the all-important quality of life as you endure treatment. YOGA is deeply rooted in focus, breathing and relaxation and thus coping with cancer or any disease is lessened when practicing this form of exercise.
One author, Peggy van Hulsteyn, was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease found relief from the disease through YOGA and thus penned "YOGA and Parkinson's Disease: A Journey to Health and Healing." This self-deprecating, well-written book details Peggy's trials and tribulations but also reveals just how powerful YOGA can be when coping with PD symptoms, such as hand tremors through strengthening muscles.
Those still on the fence as to the all-encompassing, collective appeal of YOGA need not look any further than the Lole White YOGA Tour. The glimpse of thousands of YOGA students participating in the final stop in Paris as part of this international tour is truly breathtaking and cements the status of YOGA as more than just a flavor of the month or group exercise class by rather an awe-inspiring practice that captivates the masses.

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