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Apple of my eye: Is Apple's new watch really going to fly off shelves?

Apple has never been short on bravado. Their wizardry and wondrous in everything from their presentation to practicality as it relates to their products and services affords this communications giant a little bit of ego.
But even the most adept and accomplished company can get a little full of itself when it comes to introducing a new gadget or having a particular release heralded as the "next big thing" or the kind of item that will change the landscape of a market.
In this case, Apple is on the threshold of releasing what can only be described at first glance as an astonishing smart watch that looks as though it could be sitting behind a jewelry case at a fine men's accessories store.
The Apple watch is visually stunning and carries with it a sizable price tag, just under $500. Apple remains steadfast in its predictions that the watch is going to sell in the neighborhood of 20 or 30 million watches upon its release, slated for April.
Those close to the Apple release predict that the watch could jump start the fledgling smart watch marketplace, which has done admirable but has yet to have the kind of commercial success it had been hoping for since smart watches hit the shelves. What Apple brings to the table is name value and credibility with its wealth of marketing aptitude and history of devising the kind of products that can only be described as game changers.

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This is no iPhone, iPad or iPod, and Apple, however, has its work cut out for it. The smart watch segment is small relatively speaking, although those who have this piece of technology swear by it. Questions that abound relate mostly to consumers and if they'll dig deep to have what is a functional, fantastic watch with a price tag that could scare off the masses. Most can find the extra income for a smart phone or even a tablet but a few hundred dollars for a watch could be a tall task for any company.
Even the much heralded Apple.
One telling aspect of the Apple watch is not so much the sales forecast, which look strong but rather that Apple is going to lump in the earnings from the watch with its other well known products, perhaps suggesting that the total revenue isn't worth reporting after all.
Apple certainly has the brand power and loyalty to sell more than enough watches, but claiming bragging rights for a product that isn't in demand seems more like idle chatter.

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