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Date flight: How to make that first date the best one?

A first date can range anywhere between nerve racking and downright delightful.
Plenty of advice abounds as to questions regarding whether that first encounter was a rousing success or if the date went cold before the food hit the table at dinner.
Did you ask enough questions?
Were you engaging and had enough to talk about?
How many awkward silence stops did you have throughout the night?

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All of those are worth noting, but you can eliminate the nerves by just following a few simple steps, particularly over thinking the date in the first place. Think about the courting period leading up to when you asked that person out. You probably had some playful banter, laughter and everything seemed to click, so why go against the formula that works so much?
Just because you're on a first date and it has a title to it doesn't mean you should alter how you go about your personality or how you interacted with the person initially. Far too often, you tend to try too hard and lose that relaxed feeling you had now that there is a sense of formality and label to what you're doing. Keep the same attitude and make the conversation as natural as it had been. Don't overly prepare or have questions in mind to ask; it seems rehearsed and what happens once you run out of prepared material?
Of course, some conversation is best left alone, like if you're going to talk about your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. That is a sure fire first date killer. Your nerves might also lead you to want to talk and talk and talk, but your better bet is to ask questions that show real interest in the person.
Even worse is ordering a meal, if dinner is the date of choice, is deciding that your first food of choice is something messy or overly complicated. Having pizza sauce all over your face and shirt or choosing to have to make fajitas while you're getting to know someone better.
Few first dates are going to be perfect. You'll most likely wish you said something or second guess another aspect of the date. That said, you can at least ensure the date isn't DOA by just being yourself and, better yet, just acting normal.

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