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Youth movement: Can food actually help you look younger?

Who would have guessed the fountain of youth is right in your refrigerator?
From cucumbers to kale, food is often pinpointed as a means to help eliminate wrinkles, turn back the clock on aging and generally help you feel better overall.
Those who have found the fountain of food will argue that they've been able to take less prescribed medication since they've managed to figure out how to turn food into a powerful, helpful driver to take them from ailing to amazing.
So what foods stand the tallest?
Cucumbers make the list as one that lives up to the billing for getting rid of dark circles and bags under their eyes. Using that, or used tea bags, tends to be the best medicine and better than anything you can buy at a make up counter in a department store.

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Those beautiful, healthy gray haired beauties that are in their 50s, 60s or 70s age gracefully, but not everyone welcomes those silver locks with open arms. Granted, for men, it is better than having no hair at all but if you're aging a little earlier than you'd like to, then perhaps you can do something beyond dying your hair and looking as though you belong in Florida in a retirement community.
Certain foods help to stop the gray hair from spreading through your entire scalp, mushrooms specifically.
Speaking of your hair, if it is thinning or you'd like it to just look thicker and fuller, forget about spending money on expensive shampoos and instead head to the grocery store and find foods rich in vitamin B. "B" also could stand for butter, as in almond butter. That will keep your hair looking anything but fine but rather fantastic. Biotin is the ingredient of choice as it relates to hair care as well.
When you talk about hair, you think more along the lines of appearance but what about medically speaking with various diseases or afflictions that could use an infusion of food? Blueberries and raspberries are rich with antioxidants that help strengthen your immune system or adding a few extra tomatoes can help fight off cancers, particularly prostate for men.
Food can be the great equalizer on a number of levels but you can't underestimate just how powerful that knife, fork and spoon can be as it relates to staying young but more importantly living longer.

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