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Office clown: Are you the one at work that everyone hates?

As much as most in the workforce downplay the fact that their place of business is for just that, you'll be hard pressed to find at least a handful of diligent employees that aren't equally concerned about how well liked they are within the office.
That isn't to suggest that being popular among your co workers is going to get you the big promotion you want in the eyes of your boss or manager, but the idea of being well liked can't be undersold, either. If you're someone that is viewed as difficult to deal with or rather sour as far as your demeanor, why would a bump to another department or better job honestly be in your future? Some will argue that if you're talented and good at what you do, then your personality or lack there of won't matter, but truthfully that isn't the case most times.
So how exactly can you tell if you're not liked by your peers?
Several factors are easy to spot, particularly ift you're the only one not asked out for a drink after work or to the weekend get together outside of the office. How about that spot on the company softball team? If you're not even on the radar, you might want to consider how you're carrying yourself at work.
Being a jerk at work also includes more than just not being invited to any or all extracurricular activities. You have to honestly step back and take a look at how you're treating your co workers on a daily basis. Are you courteous, gracious and appreciative? If you can't answer affirmatively, then you aren't going to make any friends.

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Beyond just being friendly, you might argue that you can't be everyone's friend if you want to be a boss or manager at some point, and you have to "step on" a few people to get to the top. That mentality really is reserved for the movies or television shows. Real supervisors are the ones that were equally good employees who were well respected and liked by their peers. Good companies tend to pinpoint those types more so than the jerks when it comes time to find someone to promote.
Your reputation also can be affected negatively beyond just how you act personally. Professionally, you have to make sure you're the kind of co worker that delivers as promised and isn't viewed as a weak leak. That is another sure fire way to be unpopular.
Naturally, work can't be viewed as a popularity contest by any means but you'll be able to catch attention in a positive way if you can have the kind of attitude and communication ability that makes people want to talk to you without dreading it.

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