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Toy fairest: Classic toys tend to stay relevant even if relevancy is questioned

Have you ever stopped to think about some of your favorite toys as a kid?
Maybe you grew up in the midst of the first three "Star Wars" movies, and as a child you couldn't get enough action figures from those films, including several Millennium Falcons or a variety of Darth Vader dolls.
Perhaps as a young child, you gravitated toward Hulk Hogan or any number of the colorful characters from the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), now known as WWE. Wrestling had its first heyday in the 1980s, and kids couldn't get enough of those action figures.
Fast forward to the 1990s and one of the bigger lines of toys came from the "Mortal Kombat" movies and video games. As much as younger, teen fans loved the games and movie, they equally embraced the toys, too.
In 2015, you'd assume that those aforementioned brands would have seen better days, particularly when you're discussing the most recent Toy Fair, where all the hottest toys are revealed. Granted, not all of the so called must have toys include the likes of "Star Wars" or "WWE," but you can't argue that not only are those toys lines still wildly popular but that they're just as relevant as they were some 20 or 30 years ago.

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In the case of Mortal Kombat, this toy line in 2015 is still being heralded as paramount as far as popularity among its key audience. In the case of WWE or Star Wars, the longevity for the former is the marketing and programming still being kept current, while Star Wars is the type of name value that has too much importance in the toy business to ever truly disappear for good, even if the newest movie doesn't come out till December 2015.
Then again, some toys don't go away because quite frankly they're timeless and appeal to the masses no matter what year it is. Take LEGO for example. They'll continually put out sets of snap together blocks that are basically the same as they were since the first set was produced, but somehow LEGO refuses to leave the toy spotlight. Sure, all the blocks snap into the other the same way, but LEGO is about marketing and they'll pair with other equally important brands, such as Star Wars, and create a variety of sets that make them different from the next. And yes, having their own, aptly titled LEGO movie didn't hurt.
Being able to enjoy the same toys you had when you were a kid, or to simply pass them down to another generation, means so much more when they're still worth talking about and, more importantly, playing with.

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