'Bird' on a wire: Keaton shows poise in lieu of losing at Oscars

02/25/15 by Rennie Detore

Michael Keaton made a remarkable comeback at the age of 63 when he starred in the film, "Birdman," which was met with critical acclaim as a film but more so for Keaton as the star.
Keaton plays the lead in the film to perfection. That character, a washed up super hero star, is eerily similar to Keaton and his post "Batman" career. If you remember, Keaton played Bruce Wayne slash "Batman" in the 1989 installment from Tim Burton and again donned the rubber suit for "Batman Returns" a few years later.
Keaton passed on a third "Batman" and instead went on to star in a handful of forgettable films, and he eventually disappeared basically from the Hollywood spotlight. Keaton returned to form in "Birdman" and Oscar buzz for him was much deserved. Finally, Keaton was taking center stage and being lauded for his talent as an actor.

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Unfortunately this past Sunday at the Oscars, Keaton failed to capture the Oscar for Best Actor, and his would be acceptance speech was caught on tape. Keaton is seen pulling out his speech as the winner was being announced, only to put the paper back in his suit jacket after his name wasn't called. Those who posted and reported on the video noted that Keaton was visibly upset and dejected after the misstep on his part.
Naturally, Keaton was disappointed after so many assumed he was the logical choice as the winner. The idea that the video is being posted and visually prodded online is laughable and hardly would qualify as news. Keaton didn't make news by stuffing a speech back into his pocket after not winning an award. That undoubtedly happens on every award show, but this time someone happened to catch it on video.
The real newsworthy piece isn't Keaton sheepishly putting his speech away but rather being the consummate professional after the fact and continuing on throughout the night in a manner that shows just how much of a class act he is.
Now, you can argue that part of the job of being an actor is to play the part of gracious loser. But this one feels a little different since Keaton was caught on camera at the moment he realized he had lost. That isn't exactly one of the perks of being a celebrity, knowing that the camera could always be on and watching, but Keaton fluffed it off and made his media rounds without so much as batting an eye.

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