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(hardly) Slim Pickings: Outlaying The Ideal Healthy Kitchen Takes Gift-buying Savvy Mixed With Versatility

Who says smart eating and cooking healthy can't be fun? Probably the same people that are convinced that "fast" food equates to a drive-thru window at any, random eatery or a frozen whatever being cracked upon and stuffed into a microwave.
That mentality is deep-fried debauchery -- about as tantalizing as a TV dinner or as compartmentalized of thinking that rivals the little plastic divots that separate your vegetables from your potatoes in that same TV dinner.
Those who gravitate toward that type of meal prep and eating shouldn't be fed blame; more often than not, time isn't on their side. Overly occupied moms and terribly busy dads don't necessarily have a moment to rest much less outlay a three-course meal on a daily basis.
That typically leads to eating on the run or simply running around doing errands with little or no time to eat healthy. That transforms even the most health conscious individual into a chicken fingers and fries family, thus empowering that vicious cycle of feeling more sluggish.
In the midst of National Childhood Obesity month and on the heels of holiday shopping, your kitchen -- or that of a friend, family member or co-worker suffering from symptoms of poor health and diet -- desperately needs a makeover.

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Microwaves have their place as reheating heartthrobs but they're no longer the main course as far as meal preps go.
Cooking methods traditionally hold the key to healthy eating just as much as food choices. The T-Fal ActiFry is one of those products that takes the arduous prep time out of lunch or dinner but without sacrificing taste and quality. Furthermore, the unit is designed to eliminate the excessive use of heavy cooking oils, deep-fryers or pounds and pounds of butter. One tablespoon of oil, for example, can be mixed in with freshly-cut potatoes for instant French fries without the fat -- and guilt. The principle behind the ActiFry also works for recipes that include chicken, shrimp and lean ground beef and steak. The prep time on most recipes is just over 30 minutes, plenty of time for even the most time-strapped person.
T-fal continues down the path of least resistance in the kitchen with a larger, versatile line of cookware that is aptly named "Balance." This set includes grilling pans, poachers for eggs, a steamer and plenty of fat-catching and dripping mechanisms.
One of the underlying issues as far as obesity and being overweight -- especially for kids -- harkens back to how you initially learned to cook. If your parents typically popped food into the microwave or habitually stopped at a fast-food place, then you'll perceive that as the norm. Cooking certainly won't rival smart phones, tablets or video games as far as "fun" goes in the eyes of your kids, but including them in prepping meals goes a long way to ensuring that they'll not only be healthy children but equally prudent adults in terms of food choices and proper diet.
IMUSA Chef Juicer is old-school juicing of course as the machine is simple to use, clean and comes in some fun colors for not only a festive counter top but intrigue from kids that abound when they see it. The IMUSA Chef Juicer has an easy-to-use handle that kids can pull down on and crush (i.e. juice) as much fruit as possible. That seemingly rudimentary act gets kids -- and adults, too -- in the habit of drinking fresh juice and, to some degree, mildly enjoying it in the process.
Much like T-fal, IMUSA doesn't bother stopping with a juicer and includes a truly stylish and distinct product that, again, incorporates the "fun" factor into cooking healthy as adults and with kids. The IMUSA Lava Rock Molcajete is an actual bowl made from volcanic lava rock that makes it incredibly durable and allows users to smash, crush and whip just about anything within it -- and then serve it in the same bowl. The bowl's unique look makes it an attention grabber and remarkably practical.
In the past, eating intelligently lacked a flare and simplicity to it. That no longer is the case thanks to products and paraphernalia that makes dieting hardly an exercise in starvation and sadness.

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