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Puppy empowered: First time dog owners constantly searching for best breed

Have you ever had a friend or family member who bought a new puppy and instantly regretted the amount of hard work they have to put forth?
Of course, those same new pet owners wouldn't dare want to give back their pet purchase by any means, but what if you could find a dog that is tailor made for housebreaking rookies? Several breeds tend to find themselves on a "best of" list as it relates to being easier than others for owners that have never had to have the responsibility of a puppy.
One of the first attributes new pet owners look for, quite frankly, is friendliness. Now while most would assume that all dogs are friendly in nature, that isn't always the truth. Take the Golden Retriever for example. This dog breed is friendliness personified. Furthermore, the Golden Retriever tends to be the apex as it relates to the type of dog most want as the epitome of a family pet. The Golden Retriever is the ultimate family dog, since it is so good with children.
From a training standpoint, Golden Retrievers earn high praise and marks, mostly because of their ability to learn quickly and a sense of loyalty almost immediately. The hardest part of having a puppy is training them to do the most mundane tasks, like simply sitting or using the bathroom efficiently. The Golden Retriever picks up on these non verbal and verbal cues much faster than his brethren.
Some would be pet owners and first timers aren't keen on the idea of having a dog that is overly active, especially if they're not. Naturally, dogs are going to want to go outside, run around and play but if you're thinking of buying a dog but don't want a man's best friend who is going to be overly demanding,k you might want to consider the Greyhound as your first choice. They're always perceived to be hyper and fast but they're actually incredibly docile and calm relative to other breeds.

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Welcoming a new dog into your home is a perfect way to add companionship to your life or give your kids a new found sense of responsibility and love as they learn to care for someone other than themselves. But part of the process also should include paying close attention to a breed that is bankable as being easier than others to train.

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