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Flower powered: Next time, just don't ditch those dead roses

Valentine's Day is now two weeks old and chances are those flowers you spent a small fortune on have since been dumped into the trash. For the moment, those red roses reeked of love, happiness and joy, but now they're smelling of money down the train (or in this case in the garbage can).
But what if your gift of flowers could be transformed from a few day delight into something with more substance and longevity. Granted, the flowers themselves can't be saved, but what about using them in creative ways to make it seem as though they're not such a one and done endeavor?
Interior decorating and designing has found flowers to be more than just trash bag fodder after a few days and have found a spectacular way to take dead flowers and their stems and frame them to create the kind of artwork that looks like a million bucks but only costs a few dollars.
These bold splashes of color can add flavor to just about any room in the house, and the idea behind the designing is just the notion that you'll be using something (flowers) that you already bought and were going to throw away.
From portraits to potpourri, flowers have long been used by the crafty homemaker to avoid spending additional funds on the house smelling wondrous. Instead, the potpourri is made at home by using a variety of oils and old, dried out flowers. The potpourri business has long been considered a popular one since the heart and soul of this product is not only sensational smells but an array of colors that sync up with the bathroom, living room or any space in the home that needs equal parts pungency and potency.

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If the potpourri idea tickles your fancy, why not take the arts and crafting a step further and let the kids get in on the act? You've always heard of finger painting, but what about flower painting. This is something that can be done once the petals start falling off the flowers. They still have a little moisture and life left in them, but you obviously can't reattach them, so take and find some safe paint and let the kids dip and dunk until their hearts are content.
This makes for getting rid of the outdated paint brush and transforms a blank canvas into a eye catching piece of artwork from the kids.
And who said dead flowers can't have life breathed back into them with a multitude of means to make them relevant once again.

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