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Man escaping: Why do guys continually break fashion rules`

Now calling all men with a pulse and care at least a little bit about how they look: you need to ditch the terrible fashion mistakes and start thinking a little more carefully about what you're wearing.
Some men barely are functioning from a fashion standpoint when it comes to picking out their clothes and accessories. They have either given up on style or just refuse to admit that when they look in the mirror, their wardrobe and attire is terribly antiquated.
For those who have given up, maybe you need to examine why or if you've just decided that buying clothes that look good on you is something, perhaps, for only single guys or you believe as you age fashion becomes optional.
This particular group of guys can be helped and coached to do better as far as attire is concerned. Those who can't understand how ridiculous they look could be deemed relatively "helpless" as it relates to fashion, even though both sets of men make common mistakes, especially when the weather warms andMan escaping: Why guys make fashion blunders they know are awful
clothes are peeled back. You'd assume that the less clothes you wear (like in summer), the easier it would be to select clothing that is relevant but that's anything but true.

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Summer brings to the table some of the more miserable missteps, most notably the always infamous but often utilized white tube socks with sandals. This tired, lazy way of covering your feet when it is hot but deciding note quite hot enough to wear full shoes needs to go away forever. It looks awful yet remarkably guys still rock this look on a regular basis.
Perhaps just as bad as socks and sandals at the beach is shirts and ties in the board room that scream don't listen to this meeting but rather stare at the male fashion train wreck. Guys, ditch the short sleeved button up shirt and tie combination in the same trash bag you tossed those sandals and socks. Short sleeved dress shirts are fine by themselves in the summer when they're being worn casually. The added tie takes your look from comfort to conformity in the form of looking like an out of work IT person or copy machine repair man.
With a tie, the short sleeved dress shirt just looks like it is missing sleeves for no reason. And please never wear this on casual Friday and if you're presenting a big meeting. It looks silly and unprofessional.
And that's not the look you ever want to give, even if you're so oblivious to think that what you're wearing actually looks good.

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