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Cardio kids: Why obesity meets its match in children when sports are introduced

Plenty of high profile programs have been penned and put together to ensure kids are exercising enough, particularly staring in the face of an obesity epidemic that threatens not only adults but children just as much if not more.
Parents easily rank as the most influential group as it relates to their kids and if they're already, at a young age, carrying around excess weight in the mid section, or all over for that matter.
What especially ails kids aside from moms and dads who don't exercise or make poor food choices is a lack of activity presented beyond gym classes (which hardly are even worth paying attention to on most days) and the after school sports that tend to lean toward only the already athletic demographic in middle school and high schoolers. Granted, recreational sports appeal to the masses more so than school ones, but even that has its limitations as far as availability for the less conditioned kids.
So how exactly can this be fixed?
The real goal isn't so much finding a team atmosphere per say but rather using subtle techniques to include exercise as part of the daily routine for kids, the same approach you would take with brushing your teeth, combing hair or eating dinner.

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Far too often, exercise for adults and subsequently children is brushed off as a luxury in the hustle and bustle daily activities. Parents tend to make time for everything except exercise, whether that is simply taking a walk before or after dinner or even adding some flare to the equation with a spirited tennis match or bowing contest on the Nintendo Wii.
Again, kids learn and react accordingly as it relates to their parents so mom and dad joining a gym, buying healthy foods or initiating and engaging the conversation It also wouldn't hurt if parents worked together to start something that can be implemented as part of an entire block or neighborhood on a set day, especially for the kids that aren't quite athletic or talented enough to play something more organized.
Major sports organizations also play an integral role in this equation with such programs like "NFL Play 60," which can be put into effect in any and all nooks and crannies of the population regardless of size of community. Parents, teachers and administrators should take long, hard looks at these events as a springboard to settling in on the one element of exercise that is sorely missing for kids.

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