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Game on: Samsung takes another shot at Apple -- again

Samsung revealed its much anticipated Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, debuting a spectacularly curved screen and a frame that is similar to its Note model, but still continually evolves their "S" series phone to the point that they'll stay neck and neck with Apple.
And, at the end of the day from a cell phone perspective, this is a two horse race: Apple and Samsung. Those two cell phone giants seemingly trade blows from one year to the next as they continue to release new versions of their signature phones and products to the point that third place is a distant finisher. Granted, there is the LG G3 model that is turning some heads but when it comes to announcements and waiting with baited breath for the next phone on the horizon, Apple and Samsung have the market relatively cornered.
But as a consumer, you have to really take a long, hard look at the yearly "events" and wonder just how relevant these new phones are as it relates to spending more money on phones with every new release. Most customers of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T Mobile have enough trouble with phone bills and data packages that continually grow, even though the commercials suggest otherwise. Two lines for $100, double the data and even roll overs can't erase that most cell phone bills are $150-300 when it is all said and done. A lot of that has to do with the various phone leasing programs that allow you to get a new phone every so many years. So, what tends to happen is Galaxy releases its S5, you buy it, then the 6 model comes out a year later but you still have 6 months or more on your current phone leasing program. So, the allure of the new phone model leaves you in the negative, much the same way you try to get a new car even though you're upside down on your loan.
The true marketing at work makes the newest phone look so important that you must have it and are willing to go into debt to get it. That is lazy economics at work from a consumer standpoint, given that they're willing to spend money when they don't need to. So while Apple and Samsung trade blows, they're also smacking you, the customer, upside the head with a body shot that leaves you financially frazzled if you're someone that has to have the latest and greatest gadget.
Showing the willpower in the face of advertising acumen at its finest makes it easier for you to win the war, while Apple and Samsung continue to battle.

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