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Watchful lie: Why your time piece is no longer a priority

I decided to start wearing a watch again, only my band was the only thing left intact. It was a black leather band, nothing fancy by any means, with a watch plate made of silver that detached so that it could be worn with a variety of other colors of bands.
The band looked silly on its own, so I made the decision to buy a watch again, for the first time since the smart phone came on to the market. I've had my fair share of watches over the years from Fossil to Radio Shack, a silver timepiece to the old calculator watch. So at one point, I point a premium on owning a watch.
In recent years, I haven't paid much attention to owning a watch, perhaps only wearing one for show, such as if I'm wearing a suit and want to match the rest of the board room who are wearing Rolex watches with their power ties, even if my watch (or tie) isn't as much power as it is present.
But today was the day when the watch was going to make a comeback in my accessories wardrobe. I was retiring that old, ratty black band and wanted to replace it with something comparable, so off to the local mall and subsequent jewelry store to find the watch of my dreams.
Turned out to be quite the nightmare trip. What is often said but never truly realized until you're trying to find a watch is that this particular product is a dying breed. Smart watches are the latest fad and keeping time starts and stops with checking your cell phone quickly. They even made a movie about watches being irrelevant. "The Internship" starts with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson losing their jobs as watch salesmen because their boss, John Goodman, is selling off this dog of a business. Things in the movie worked out for Wilson and Vaughn but not so much for my mall watch excursion.

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Because watches aren't the must haves that they once were, the selection was poor, and the particular watch I wanted was nowhere to be found. Ironically, I skipped the watch search and bought a black wrist band with a silver, square face plate that looks more modern than any watch I could find.
Incredibly, I skipped the practicality of the watch itself and went with something that does, well, nothing on my wrist.
Then again, if you think about it, the watch has pretty much devolved into the same type of piece.

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