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Night Growler: Safety Is Paramount On Nighttime Doggie Walks

The Fall season typically brings with it cooler temperatures, falling leaves and early sunsets and the last one could be detrimental to something as simple as walking your dog.
Nighttime walks can become commonplace as summer slowly fades into obscurity for another nine months. Safety should be at the top of your "to-do" checklist as far as attempting to take a walk with man's best friend at night. If you decide to do the absolute least or bare minimum as far as preparation and execution, dog walking quickly transforms in sentiment for enjoyable, refreshing and purposeful to simply "for the birds."
The most common and easiest way to ensure safety in the dog walking excursion is visibility -- for both you and the dog. Now, not everyone has their own reflective vest on standby nor do they own very much bright yellow or orange clothing. If so, doll up your doggie with something incredibly practical and potent: a bright orange, reflective vest. These fit snugly and safely around any size dog and make for a worthwhile initial purchase. UltraPaws makes a superb version of this product for a little more than $20, hardly a major investment considering that it is deeply rooted in comfort and durability for your dog.
If a vest just isn't enough peace of mind, don't worry: Dog-e-Glow proclaims "Let there be Light" with their intense, eye-catching collars.
Dog-e-Glow collars coral any trepidations about nighttime dog walking, too, with a line of remarkable, glow-in-the-dark collars that exude fashionable design, creativity and a heavy dose of usefulness. The LED collar is easily visible, much the same way a strobe light works on a maintenance vehicle on the side of a major highway, and that type of power-fueled power -- roughly a thousand feet of visibility - is a must-have for dog owners since that brightness means safer walks for all parties involved.

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Finally, technology tears through traditional means of yelling and screaming to find a dog, should they get lose from a leash during a walk or breakthrough that so-called impenetrable electric fence. For that, Tagg: The Pet Tracker is a GPS for your dog that monitors not only activity levels but works in conjunction with your PC or smart phone to find exactly where Fido fled to; it also allows you to set parameters for your dog as far as telling the Tagg service where they should be at all times. Should they migrate elsewhere, Tagg tells you instantly.
No matter what means dog owners use when contemplating and subsequently embarking on a walk, there's always a few new tricks or products that any, old dog can learn and certainly appreciate, especially when it comes to solidifying the safety for everyone involved.

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