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Homeward bound: How to survive returning to live with parents

No matter how adrift you find yourself, whether you've lost a job, spouse or just can't seem to get on track, your parents house, more specifically, moving back home often is a last resort but also equal parts salvation when a situation overcomes you with emotion.
In some instances, like losing a spouse, moving home often comes with it the realization that you'll be selling your old home because the memories within that house are so precious and sad that you simply can't bear to be there. With that, your house goes on the market and you go straight to the spare room at your parents' house.
If you lost your job and that mortgage payment is weighing on you as though you're literally carrying the house on your back, you may find solace with some of mom's home cooked meals and sprawling out on the sofa bed.
In any event, you're back home, but the catch is you're no longer a teenager, so laying around and watching cartoons on Saturday or not helping mom wash the dishes no longer flies at 30 something years old. You'll be expected to not just pitch in but act as you are: an adult living at home with mom and dad.
Chores hardly are the issue, however, as most adults who live at home or are forced to do so must understand that even though they're older, this isn't there house. It belongs to mom and dad, which means they're not going anywhere and, furthermore, they'll be inclined to treat you like a kid more so than you believe. Sure, they'll expect adult oriented tasks, but they'll also remind you to take your shoes off before you come into the house or close the fridge if you're standing there for too long, all things you know how to do, but are constantly and annoyingly reminded to do now that you're home.

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One key element of surviving this new living situation is to make yourself scarce, at least as much as possible. Learn to eat meals out (even if it is expensive) or begin doing things outside of the house beyond just going to work. Join a gym, play basketball in a league or dig up that old bowling ball and hit the lanes.
You'll also want to think about not just pitching in with your chores, but giving mom and dad a few bucks every month to cover their expenses to some degree. Granted, you may have moved home due to losing your job, but even if you shoot over a $50 bill once a month just to be helpful will go a long way to having you not wear out your welcome. Even better, mom and dad will appreciate it and maybe they'll start treating you like an adult who happens to be living at home.

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