Recycle route: Why NFL coaching changes rarely mean much

03/06/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

The effort in the world today is to "Go Green" and preserve and enhance the earth and our environment, specifically through recycling and re use. If that were the case in professional sports leagues, the NFL would be the greenest, as nobody seems to "recycle" more than the NFL when it comes to coaches. Every year there are coaching changes, and every year it seems like its the same guys wearing the headsets, just with different team colors on. So before we move into free agency, trades, the 2015 Draft and all other things NFL off season related, let's recap the coaching carousel since the end of the 2014 season.
The biggest surprise had to be the decision Denver made to part ways with John Fox just a season after leading the Broncos to the Super Bowl. To replace him, Denver hired Gary Kubiak. Kubiak formerly coached the Houston Texans, before going to Baltimore last season to be the offensive coordinator.
But don't feel bad for Mr. Fox, as he was hired by the Chicago Bears to be their head coach. Fox replaces Marc Trestman, who moves on to take Kubiak's old job as offensive coordinator for the Ravens.

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In New York, the end had come for Rex Ryan. Well with the Jets at least. But he'll stay in the same division, and the same state, as new head coach of the Buffalo Bills. Ryan replaces Doug Marrone, who opted out as coach after just 2 seasons because of disagreements with the team's ownership regarding extensions for himself and his coaching staff. Marrone will be coaching in Jacksonville in 2015 as an assistant head coach and as the offensive line coach.
Jack Del Rio is back as a head coach again, this time for the Oakland Raiders (don't leave any axes laying around in the locker room). Del Rio previously coached in Jacksonville as HC before landing in Denver as the defensive coordinator for the past 3 seasons. Del Rio's old job was taken by Wade Phillips, who has been around the coaching carousel more than once, and most recently was defensive coordinator on Gary Kubiak's staff in Houston.
There is some new blood in the head coaching fraternity this season though. Dan Quinn will take the reigns in Atlanta, as the now former Seattle defensive coordinator replaces Mike Smith. The New York Jets hired former Arizona defensive coordinator Todd Bowles to replace Rex Ryan. And Jim Tomsula was promoted to head coach in San Francisco, replacing Jim Harbaugh, who moved on to coach at the University of Michigan after his divorce, I mean mutual parting ways decision, with the 49ers ownership.
The slogan to promote re use is "recycling works". And that sure seems to be the case in the NFL...again.

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