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House calls: Why can't you sell your home

Anyone who has ever listed a home with a real estate agent and proceeded to watch virtually nothing happen as it relates to the house selling knows just how frustrating the process can be.
What's even more taxing is the realization that you, not your agent, might be the bigger problem. Granted, most home sellers look to their agent to steer them in the right direction, help them with pricing, staging and having an open house on a consistent basis, but the person who owns the home needs to take control of the situation really be the decision maker in the process.
The real estate agent doesn't always know best, particularly when it comes to pricing the home initially. The agent might suggest a price typically that is too high to really be taken seriously. Sometimes, in rare cases, an inflated price doesn't deter would be buyers, but the better option is finding how much the home is worse and pricing it at or below that spot. This will lead to a much faster selling process but perhaps without the kind of profit the agent would like to see. A lot of what drives the real estate companies is their 6 or 7 percent commission, so they try to build that into the selling price. They also take your profit into consideration, but you, as the home owner, might not be all consumed with making money but rather ridding yourself of the home. That needs communicated at the beginning, so the pricing structure isn't an issue.
Beyond the pricing, you also want to make sure the home is staged properly. This is more than just cleaning but instead focuses on getting rid of personal photos and other items (you want potential owners to be able to visualize themselves there), increase the amount of lighting and also try to focus on things inside the home potential buyers want to see, like closet and floor space. You may want to consider ditching the extra furniture that you have in the living room and instead reorganize to show that there is ample seating but plenty of space, too.
Furthermore, one great equalizer and a would be potential detractor from buyers embracing your home is pets, specifically smells and the idea of them in the house as it stands. Not everyone wants to move into a home that is riddled with dog hair or cat dander. You might think about having the pets stay with someone during open houses in particular.

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Being that the current climate of home buying suggests that it is a buyer's market, sellers seem to be taking a more proactive approach to listing. That is a positive step, but still needs fine tuned to the point that you'll be closing on your home sale much faster than originally expected.

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