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Parent trapped: How to avoid mistakes as new moms and dads

Inevitably, new moms and dads are destined for days of confusion, sleepless nights and the subsequent trials and tribulations of parenthood.
Feeling a little clueless from time to time is part of the deal; any parents who is adjusting to their first child will tell you as much. But as much as the newness can drag down the joys of being a parent, it doesn't have to define your forage into finding a balance between the hectic life as a new mom or dad and staying sane and keeping your individuality before you became a parent.
The last sentiment is particularly paramount as the tendency after having a child is to lose who you are as an individual. Granted, your job moving forward is to take care of your child first and foremost. But where most new parents have the biggest misstep is forgetting that they need to make time to spend with their significant other or, when the time is right, rediscover on at least a sporadic basis hanging out with friends or having a guy's or girl's night out.
As for the day to day events of parenthood as a newbie, moms and dads have a tendency to panic when sickness or other ailments roll into the household. With good reason, moms and dads might be overly concerned with something as explainable as a fever or the end result found within one of those many diaper changes they'll experience.
That tendency shows that you're in the parenting frame of mind, but not everything should be a stressor of epic proportions. Learn to lean on doctors to determine what's wrong, before you start thinking the worst. A lot of times, too, nothing really is wrong per say when a baby is crying, even though new parents believe that is the so called rallying cry for concern. Often times, more so than naught, isn't the case.

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What new parents must understand quickly is that their job is to be a protector and provider for their new addition, but enjoying the process also will make the entire scope much easier to digest. That can come in the form of making time for themselves at some point or coming to grips with defining parenting as potentially difficult and frightening but not devoid of joy and jubilation with every new adventure on the horizon.
Getting to the point that parenting turns the corner and becomes fun might not come to baby number two, but those who can find salvation before then will enjoy the process much more significantly.

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