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Saving damned: Is setting aside money really that difficult?

For the majority of people in debt, they find themselves in that position not because they don't want to save money but rather they simply don't know how to properly.
Anyone adept at setting aside money and building a savings account and subsequent financial nest egg for that rainy day, major expense on the horizon or building toward retirement knows that the key to the process is equal parts being diligent and patience, with a little moderation sprinkled into the equation. For that same group of financial gurus, they also marvel, quite frankly, at those who aren't nearly as good at it.
That's because saving money shouldn't really be that difficult, for the most part. Granted, if you're living paycheck to paycheck, and you make just enough money to cover your expenses with little room for movement, then putting money in the bank above and beyond your bills sounds almost impossible. In that situation, however, saving money still is a viable conclusion to this financial story. You have to go beyond what you want and instead analyze what you need.
Let's say you have about $100 to your name after all is said in done in the aforementioned scenario. That means, at best, you'll be saving just $1,200 per year. At a closer look at your budget, however, you realize a lot pairing down can be accomplished just by eliminating bills you simply can live without, such as cable, cell phone extras or whatever you've allocated to clothing or food (specifically eating out at restaurants).
The real head scratching dilemma, however, is how those who have extra income still can't save money. As silly as it sounds, that group tends to be the more common contingent that can't save. They tend to take the approach of "if I have it, I'll spend it" mentality, which leads to amassing serious levels of debt with the notion that they make enough money to handle it. But that thinking spells trouble over a long period of time as their salary slowly isn't going to be able to handle paying it back, nor is their unwillingness to change the frivolous habits they've adopted.

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And in the end, the "change" element is the most difficult hurdle to overcome. Most who can't figure out why they can't save money are the same ones who feel like they're not doing anything wrong and a change isn't in order.
A lack of focus and consistency as it relates to saving money is the prevailing factor as to why it remains such a difficult endeavor. The sooner that is realized, the faster real change can be exacted.

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