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In Bloom: How to send flowers for the first time

Guy meets girl. Guy likes girl. Relationship ensues. Guy wants to show just how much he cares in the early part aspects of dating and decides to send flowers, and then the questions begin.
What type of flowers should I send?
Are red roses too much too soon?
Is it best to have them delivered or just show up with them?
Is there such a thing as sending flowers too soon in the relationship?

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All of aforementioned questions are highly valid, particularly when the guy wants to make not only a good impression but the right one.
So is there a right way and a wrong way to send flowers?
Absolutely. And knowing the difference between the two might not be quite the make or break decision as far as the relationship goes, but certainly can go a long way toward heading in the direction that you ultimately would like to.
As far as the red roses, they do signify love and passion, and would be a great way to advance the relationship beyond just friendly chatter or simple dating. They're what you would consider the penultimate flower choice as far as telling someone you're falling in love with them.
Some experts in the flower and arrangement business suggest that yellow isn't the best choice, nor white. These are neutral in emotion and really don't say much. Guys also should pay close attention, obviously, to the flower that is her favorite. Nothing screams silly than having her say orchids, for example, are her favorites and then you go ahead and send an assortment of tulips.
Delivering flowers also is a fantastic way to add to the process as a whole, but you'll also want to remember that you're forcing her to give the delivery person a tip, so you might want them delivered when she won't be home, even if that means they'll sit out for someone else to potentially see and snatch.
One question that continually abounds is whether or not, early on in a relationship and subsequent courtship, to send a note with the flowers that goes above and beyond a generic message like "really like you" or "miss you." What guys really want to convey is that they're having a wonderful time and really enjoy the company of the person receiving this bouquet of flowers. Early on, however, why not think about writing something, like an inside joke you shared early on, that makes her laugh or reminds her that you two have a budding connection.
In subsequent flower deliveries, you can send more heartfelt messages that talk about how wonderful she is.
Implementing any of these tips can be the difference between having her receive the flowers with open arms versus being potentially confused, hurt or wondering where exactly this relationship is headed.

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