'Gronk' alert: Why Patriots All Pro tight end is having fun, and that's perfectly fine

03/12/15 by Matthew S. Vandriak

Rob Gronkowski is a Super Bowl Champion. He finally enjoyed a productive, injury free season, and that fact contributed plenty to his New England Patriots knocking off the defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks only a few months ago.
Gronkowski is unique in the sense that on the field, when healthy, he's arguably the best tight end in football. He finds space on the field, shields defenders with his body and certainly can't be covered by a linebacker.
Off the field, it seems like everyone can and wants to cover Gronkowski 24 hours per day, seven days per week. But in this instance, there are no defensive backs or safeties involved in the coverage but rather a bevy of media outlets and reporters who feel as though they could plant a camera in front of the superstar receiver and just wait for him to do something to report about, even if it doesn't qualify as news.

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Gronkowski is polarizing in that regard since he's been caught partying on camera more than his coaches and ownership would probably care to admit. The most recent is a visit to a Clippers game at the Staples Center, where "Gronk" and a few of his buddies were dancing on the jumbo tron and acting foolishly in a public setting.
To those who pan Gronkowski for these types of antics, one question remains.
The soon to be 26 year old Patriots tight end likes to have fun. He's a millionaire several times over so the general feeling is that he's too immature to handle the success, fame and notoriety and is an accident waiting to happen, which is why cameras can't help but find him, almost as though if they're waiting him to fall flat on his face, dancing or not.
The finger pointing and eye rolling in the direction of Gronkowski is laughable. He is having fun, even if it is silly and mindless. He's allowed to have fun, enjoy his post Super Bowl festivities and subsequent off season after putting in months of grueling hard work.
Just because he's not at home playing with kids or vacationing with his family as part of his down time, he's immediately pegged as troublesome. Even more laughable than those turning Gronkowski dancing at a basketball game into news is the fact that another famed, now former, Pats' tight end Aaron Hernandez is sitting in a courtroom being accused of murder.
If you aren't a fan of what he does off the field, that isn't of concern to reporters unless he takes his public tirades and showmanship too far and does something illegal. That might be more wishful thinking by the media rather than what actually seems destined to happen.
Perhaps "Gronk" learned from his old tight end running buddy, Hernandez, that fame doesn't give you the kind of liberties the latter player allegedly took. For now, all Gronkowski is doing is what anyone else at his age and with his bank account would be doing: enjoying the ride.

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