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Treading water: Will office workstation finally encourage exercise at work?

When you think of office supplies, most likely your mind begins to settle on the basics: pens, paper, pencils, maybe even a stray printer or ink cartridge.
Those simple office supplies are a given, but what about not so much the tools but rather the workstation or desk itself? Do you have an area you would consider comfortable, contained or anything more than just a simple desk and chair?
Chances are, the last example essentially exemplifies what you're working with as it relates to where you spend the most time during a work day: your office. But imagine what life could be like if you didn't have to sit all day or remain sedentary for 40 or more hours per week. Do you think that would help keep you happy, healthy, motivated and more engaged in the task at hand?
Furthermore, do you think having some sort of motivation to incorporate exercise into your work day could lead to you losing weight or just feeling less sluggish when you come home?
Some progressive thinking office managers, owners and large companies have taken notice of increases in insurance premiums and are going above and beyond rudimentary wellness programs for their employees. While swapping out a desk chair for a stability ball certainly won't hurt as far as working out their core muscles, larger organizations have decided to invest quite handsomely in the FitWork Walkstation machines.

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What looks like a mad scientists dream of melding together a treadmill and desk, the FitWork Walkstation costs a few thousand dollars but works wonders to fuse together the lack of movement you encounter at work but without having to give up an office setting and desk that still allows you to work effectively.
Exercise is known to help with focus and not feeling tired or worn out by the early afternoon. The FitWork Walkstation permits you to walk on the treadmill at realistic speeds while still using your computer and adjustable work station. Granted, fitness enthusiasts might see this gadget as nothing more than a fad, since it doesn't go very fast nor is it designed to operate at an incline.
The real purpose behind it, however, isn't so much an intense workout but instead just the idea that you don't have to spend eight hours per day sitting with poor posture and no real incentive to move around throughout the day. The other upside of the treadmill slash office machine is employees can get a reasonable amount of calories burned off without having to pack a workout bag every day in the hopes they make it to the gym.
While the Walkstation might not turn the heads of the four or five day per week gym goer, it certainly seems like much needed encouragement for the majority of the population that finally can exercise without work being the prevailing excuse.

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