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Training wheels: Is traditional personal training truly waste of time and money?

The following scenario is quite familiar: you join a gym, make little to no progress and begin searching for answers when you reach the inevitable crossroads.
Do you quit or spend additional money on personal training?
That question typically leads to quite the mental chess match as you begin to wonder if you can afford personal training on top of a monthly membership fee or if you simply can't justify paying hundreds of dollars, even though you realize you need the extra assistance.
In the cases when personal training is embraced and implemented, you truly feel as though you're making the right decision as it relates to your health and well being, and that the money spent is simply an investment in your longevity as it relates to staving off diseases and living a longer, more productive life.
But is it really the salvation you believe it to be?

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Truthfully, traditional personal training is terrible outdated, antiquated in fact to the point that buying into it is just as laughable as that time share you purchased or the jet ski that is sitting in your garage. Personal training should not be a certified trainer walking around, leading you from machine to machine, and watching you exercise and counting the number of repetitions that you do.
How can you justify paying someone to do the bare minimum, most of which you can do, or at least figure out, on your own? The old methodology of personal training was that the expert would just show you what to do and stand back and observe.
While some of that still exists, personal training that is worth the money and time you'll be investing is more about putting together a challenging workout that isn't too easy or too hard but rather incorporates the kind of variety and body weight exercises you need to feel better and see real results.
Paying someone $40 or $50 per hour to show and barely tell you what to do is money not well spent. The new breed of trainers typically understand that training needs more than just machines and free weights, with a little bland treadmill sprinkled in for effect. Today's trainer, however, is at the mercy of the gym he or she works for, so if there isn't an area that looks and feels different than the rest of the gym, chances are you'll be getting the same, old workout you have been.
That's why choosing a gym should be equal parts price but also keeping a keen eye on the equipment beyond the norm.

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