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Hardly super: Why today's retailers stand little chance of survival

The so called "super" store is losing its power.
No longer are the brick and mortar stores that once reigned the retail world still running roughshod over consumers, nor are they making money hand over the proverbial fist. Instead, online buying and convenience of shopping from home have accounted for some of the heaviest of hitters in the retail marketplace to either shut down completely or begin closing stores at a rapid fire pace.
Once dominant in the economic industry that is retail, these power pillars pale in comparison to their former selves.
Stores like Radio Shack, Circuit City and Borders are just a few casualties of the war against the traditional means of buying. Online shopping sites like the famed Amazon and, to a lesser extent, eBay have given shoppers the ability to buy low and use stores like the aforementioned ones as showrooms to test out products and gadgets and buy for less somewhere else online.
That realization has sent panic and shock through the rest of the contenders still left standing, such as Best Buy, Staples and other stores not so much on the brink of bankruptcy by any means but still teetering at a retail crossroads to reevaluate their current business model and subsequent planning.

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The real troublesome and concerning area for traditional retail spots are mostly electronics and books, which kind of go hand in hand. The idea of buying an actual book or periodical seems beyond silly when you consider not only the internet for instant news but also tablets and e readers that allow you to download and buy as many book as you want, yet still be able to carry around just one thing: the device itself. Although bookstores have tried to create an atmosphere that includes coffee, pastries and seating areas for hard working book worms, the idea of a book store itself isn't a long term endeavor with the means to read electronically.
And speaking of electronics, what about stores that specialize in DVDs, computers, flat screen TVs and other products of that ilk? They're struggling as well to maintain relevancy in relationship to online shopping, mainly due to price of products being less with the latter. The overly large square footage that are most retailers also is becoming an outdated concept, as many of these stores (like Best Buy) are contemplating a smaller footprint to be more interactive and personable with its clientele. Of course, they'll also be that group of would be customers who will always need to touch, see and feel what they're buying and also want to own it at that very moment.
But the way online shopping and retailers alike are guaranteeing free or expedited shipping and smartly relying on their brick and mortar competitors to act as their showrooms, the idea that big box, in person retailers might not realistically survive much longer is anything but a hard selling point.

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