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Puppy love: Your dog loves you, and they'll show you every chance they get

You know the name "man's best friend" refers to how loyal and loving your dog is, but can they actually show you affection beyond the panting and pawing in your direction?
As a pet owner, you often can tell when your dog is telling you how much they love and care for you, particularly when they wag their tail or go absolutely ballistic when you come home after work (or even if you've only left the house for a few minutes). The tail wagging and extraordinary behavior after they haven't seen you is one thing, but is there more to the dog than meets the eye beyond those aforementioned non verbal cues?
Of course.
Think about when your dog seems to be following you around constantly or can't help but lick your face until you feel like you're living inside their mouth. Following around means more than your four legged friend just wanting to eat or begging for a treat. That's their way of telling you just how devoted they are to you, because when you're home they want to be right next to you; loyalty is their number one priority.
Licking your face is your dog saying how much they love you and is their kissing equivalent. The same could be said when they jump all over you when you come home or just for no reason. Of course, some pet owners try to deter jumping, especially when their dog meets a new person or stranger and that person ends up being jumped on. But jumping is one of the ways dogs tell you how much they love you.

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Their love for you also abounds when you're not feeling well or are having a bad, stressful day. Your dog will make it a point to not only follow you around but sleep with you in your bed and really stay close when you're struggling physically or mentally. They have that ability to sense suffering and aren't afraid to be extra special cuddly as a result.
You don't have to tell lovers of dogs or owners specifically just how remarkably adept their dogs can be when they seem to know just how to act around you when you're happy or sad, and the fact that they just won't leave you to suffer alone.
Dogs earned their name of being the best friend you can have, particularly if you're in the midst of the worst day you've had in a while. Showing love is just one of the many faces your dog puts forth to make sure they live up to their longstanding moniker.

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