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Doctor do a lot: Your physician could be your dietary salvation

You trust your doctor, right?
When you're sick, tired, having symptoms or just not feeling yourself, you immediately seek out their expertise in the hopes of getting better or finding the right treatment, whether you're talking about a family physician or a specialist you've waited months to see.
But can you doctor do more than just write prescriptions and serve as your practitioner beyond medications and procedures? Chances are, your doctor might be just the right medicine for figuring out how you should eat.
So your doctor might be a nutritionist by trade, but they've also seen plenty in their number of years practicing medicine and can relate how certain conditions and diet go hand in hand (or fork to plate if you prefer that analogy).
For instance, a stomach doctor might be able to tell you how to eat after gallbladder surgery, beyond just telling you to stay away from fried foods or those treats that are high in fat and sodium, both of which trigger your digestive system to go totally haywire. Doctors of that ilk are going to tell you that healthy fats are hard to find without your gallbladder, and might suggest fish oil or other supplements in lieu of having something like salmon, a good source of omega 3. They'll also suggest healthy fats be consumed in moderation so that aforementioned salmon might be more of a once every other week food as well as that deliciously healthy fats that are found in foods such as olive oil (a favorite for spaghetti or pizza dishes) as well as avocado, a summer time treat typically turned into everyone's lovable dip, guacamole.

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One of the leading causes of death is heart disease, so healthy fats certainly aren't terrible but following a low fat diet might be something you'd considering adhering to beyond just nodding your head when the doctor goes over your risk factors. But why not ask the doctor what he or she suggests as it relates to a specific meal. You might be surprised to find that they'll go above and beyond just handing you a piece of paper that has suggestions for diet. You know the one, it looks like it was printed and stapled 20 or 30 years ago.
Undoubtedly, they'll recommend healthy carbohydrates and following a high protein, low fat diet with minimal dairy and sugar intake. Your doctor also might surprise you as far as just how specific they can be as it relates to what you're eating.

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