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Vexing vacation: Why your getaway should be your own

How many times have you been on vacation and, when it concluded, you realized you were more stressed out than before you left?
That feeling is highly common as it relates to traveling, more specifically trying to book time away from work and the hustle and bustle of daily life, only to realize that your so called vacation has left you vexed and believing that you'll need a vacation from your vacation, a line uttered far too often.
What typically ails and, quite frankly, sabotages most vacations is going away with someone or an entire group where the meaning of the word "vacation" is somewhat skewed.
For some, vacations are about relaxing and soaking up more than just sun. They center on lots of laying around by the beach or the pool, with no real rhyme or reason behind what the next hour brings. Simply put, there's really no itinerary to this trip but rather a mentality that suggests you'll be content no matter what is on tap.
That means you'll not be fussing over a particular restaurant choice or needing to see the world's largest ball of twine if you're close by because it is what is expected out of the trip or where you are. The flip side to that is the person on the trip who needs to have every minute of every day planned out, so that all of the tourist sites have been seen and a schedule is created daily to ensure nothing of importance, in their eyes, is missed.

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For this group, there's nothing wrong with that mentality but often times they'll force feed their entire vacationing party this same way of thinking and thus begin to bring down the segment of the group that really isn't interested in feeling as though they're at work and are scheduling vacations as though they're meetings.
Is there a happy medium for these two completely different sets of vacationers? The answer isn't so much a cut and dry one but rather finding comparable individuals or couples to vacation with or simply choosing to go away with your significant other, your family or alone so as to take back the vacation you're in danger of losing.
Now, you may be the ultimate agreeable person and won't mind if someone is telling you what to do or has taken ownership of the day to day activities as part of the trip. And while that makes for an easier trip, it shouldn't mean you're afraid to speak up and infuse your own feel to the trip that is just as much yours as it is theirs.

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