3 signs you're at a bad concert

03/17/15 by Rennie Detore

The summer concert series isn't far off and with it comes the anticipation and angst of tracking your favorite bands, finding out if they're touring at all and, more importantly if they're coming close enough that you can snag a ticket and see them live.
Music lovers rejoice at being able to see a concert that they truly can define as memorable and a must see. But not all concert experiences are created equal. In fact, some of them are downright miserable, even if you're making it a point to see a band you call one of your favorites.
From parking woes to wildly inappropriate concert goers, you'll be able to spot a bad concert even if you're not sitting front row.

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1. Lifeless band: This one comes in various forms, whether the band is late to hit the stage or their subsequent performance would be described as "lifeless." Nothing irks fans more, and rightfully so, than a band who can't be bothered to show the least bit of enthusiasm after 10,000 fans paid $70 to $100 to see them perform, and that dollar figure typically is before all the ridiculous fees. Worse yet and easily the epitome of the bad band is a lead singer that shows no charisma and whose voice sounds like it is several years past its prime.
2. Drunk guy: This one is a no brainer, but also hardly is easy to define specifically. The "drunk guy" could mean the person at the summertime concert who is roaming the lawn seating area and has to stop and talk to everyone or simply overtakes the actual on stage performance because he's so loud, boisterous and overly obnoxious. You'd be lying if you didn't quietly hope he'd have one too many and just pass out where he stands just so he shuts up and lets you enjoy the show you paid all that money to see. The "drunk guy" also can be the person who starts the ill advised mosh pit, crowd surfs even though they're 300 plus pounds or takes off their shirt to reveal that their gym membership isn't being put to good use. In rare instances, "drunk guy" also can be seen bickering with security or ultimately being carted out of the concert unconsciously because, well, he's the "drunk guy."
3. Bathroom woes: You might be able to blame this solely on "drunk guy" but nothing takes the wind out of your concert sails than a venue or show that leaves the bathroom facilities to be desired. You've undoubtedly been to a concert where every stall has been left torn to shreds and the hand washing stations have little if anything to do with washing and look as though you'd be better off not washing up at all. There's no one attending to cleanliness and, in some instances, looks as though the bathrooms haven't been touched up since last year's concert season ended.

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