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Face timed out: Why quitting Facebook just feels right

Go ahead and think about your friends, family members or co workers and try to determine if any of them aren't on Facebook. Chances are, that total is terribly low.
And for those who believe social media is only for the younger demographic, you'll be surprised to know that the number of 55 and up members has grown exponentially in recent years, suggesting that even your great aunt in Arizona isn't opposed to a status update.
But as much as Facebook specifically has changed how the world interacts and has done plenty of positives since its inception, some would argue that the social media site reeks of annoyance and pretentiousness.
Facebook, for all its ills, has done a miraculous job of connecting people in a variety of ways. You may have lost contact with a good friend and realize that finding them isn't quite as difficult as it once was. Facebook also creates new friendships that are bred out of meeting someone online who can empathize with a situation you're faced with as you reach out for advice, and end up finding exactly what, and who, you're looking for to achieve the direction and solace you want (think of those who are ill and sick that believe they're the only ones out there who are struggling; much like a support group you can create through social media).
Beyond those examples, however, Facebook really hits a nerve with the masses as being as more about giving everyone their 15 minutes of fame that they subsequently turn into day after day of random, inane postings about the most inconsequential aspects of their life. Furthermore, the element of privacy and person experiences ceases to exist for those who use Facebook as their own personal podium to deliver a play by play that doesn't really need revealed.

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Telling your 300 or so "friends," and yes that term is used loosely since you probably haven't spoken regularly to about 80% of those people, that you had to have Fruit Loops for breakfast instead of your traditional oatmeal hardly is worth the time spent composing this worthless message. No one cares. Period.
Well, check that, the person sending cares because they've convinced themselves that they're so interesting, enlightening and funny that they'll be only a few wacky comments away from their own Comedy Central special. That thinking is truly ego in its largest and most incompetent and incomprehensible form.
Second only to delivering messages that mean nothing to the masses, Facebook has taken away the beauty of the personal occurrence and turned it into fodder for your followers in the hopes of getting a "like" or "comment." Your baby taking its first steps is the kind of moment reserved for mom and dad as part of the wonder that is being a parent. The video doesn't belong on the internet but rather saved to your phone or camera to show those closest to you when you see them again. And if all else fails, send the video specifically via text or email rather than showcase it socially as though it should be in a jumbo scoreboard at a stadium.
Imagine your child growing up to realize that mom posted photos and videos of her running around sans diaper or showing the world her first trip to the bathroom. This isn't to suggest that Facebook doesn't have its place in the world; it's one of the largest web sites in the world.
For those who choose to use the platform for nonsensical decision making or acting as though your life means more through words and photos than anyone else is equal parts silly and socially awkward for the rest of us.

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