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Credit approval: Why bettering your credit isn't black and white

From the moment the phrase "credit approval" rolls off your tongue, you immediately begin thinking about anything from what your total score is or how exactly you can improve upon your standing overall, with as little friction as possible.
Most of that so called "friction" centers on transforming that three digit number from average to spectacular but being able to do so without adding more to your plate, more specifically going further into debt.
A lot of what ails those desperate to better their score is the propensity to want to start to follow bad advice and, for example, open up a slew of new credit cards or start accumulating debt in order to show you can pay on it with some sort of regularity.
While that strategy isn't awful, it certainly isn't the most advisable, either. Granted, if you little to no debt, and you decide to open a credit card with a modest amount on it, then you'll be accomplishing your goal of showing the ability to pay on time.
But beyond that, and for those who already have their fair share of debt, you might want to determine how you can reach that same goal without adding to your stress and opening yet another line of credit. And yes, there are ways you can better your credit score without actually opening up a new credit card.

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One formality would be to focus on your car payments, student loans or utility bills and concentrate on keeping those current. While some argue that those timely payments aren't as important as credit cards per say, that logic is quite flawed. Your credit report, as far as what isn't being done correctly or paid on time, can be reflected on just about type of payment you can make, even if it isn't a retail department store card or a Visa.
If you're still stuck on wanting to add more debt, do so beyond buying a new wardrobe or charging a vacation you've been gleaning for and instead open up a line of credit for something worthwhile (like a homeowner's loan or equity of sorts). As far as your current debt, you also don't want to overlook simply paying on time. That alone builds credit more so than you'd believe.
Naturally, your credit score means plenty when it comes to securing a loan or being trusted by lenders, but to implement the mentality that credit cards are your gateway to greatness is way off based.

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