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Chow downer: Is breakfast worth skipping?

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, most people didn't get the message. Or, they choose to ignore it.
Truthfully, breakfast has always been labeled as paramount, particularly with most suggesting that you can't afford to skip breakfast for a number of reasons. Some of those arguments include breakfast being pinpointed as the reason your metabolism won't turn against you or knowing that your first meal of the day could lead to better weight management and not feeling tired during those few morning meetings because your stomach is empty.
But the real question that needs asked isn't so much if you're eating breakfast but what are you eating, specifically how your meal is pieced together from the standpoint of protein, carbohydrates and the real morning culprit: sugar.
Simply having breakfast won't suffice if you're meal includes nothing more than doughnuts, hash browns or other breakfast items filled with empty calories, high fat content and enough sugar to ensure that you'll be sleepy before lunch even arrives.
From a metabolic standpoint, you want a breakfast rich in protein and some moderate carbohydrates, along with natural sugars from a variety of fruit, namely blueberries, raspberries and others rich in antioxidants. Your metabolism and breakfast go hand in hand because skipping the meal means your body has nothing to feast on for the first four or five hours you're awake and thus starts storing fat and slowing down.

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Practically speaking, a larger breakfast often translates into losing weight. Yes, you heard that correct; eating more leads to weight loss. Of course that statement must be clarified before you set yourself loose on a breakfast buffet. Eating more often speeds up that aforementioned metabolism and thus means you'll burn calories and be less apt to pig out during one particular meal. Plenty of would be weight loss persons eating a few apples throughout the day and then eat late at night or ingest enough calories for the day in one meal.
What breakfast does is start the ball rolling in the right direction, and a bigger, healthier first meal means you'll eat less at dinner and throughout the day as a whole.
So while breakfast can be labeled "important" without question, you also must not take the mentality for granted that stuffing your face before you head to work or school is acceptable in any form you see fit. What comprises that meal truly tells the story as to not so much if breakfast is worth skipping but rather if you're eating the meal without much substance.

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