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Midnight run: Is eating late ever acceptable?

We've all been in this spot before, right? You're hungry, it's late and you know your stomach is going to pester you for the majority of the night if you don't at least eat something.
But everything we've been told, every piece of fitness or health related literature suggests that eating late night is the proverbial kiss of death as it relates to anything from your metabolism to trying to lose weight or more specific ailments like acid reflux disease or heartburn.
Simply put, eating late at night isn't advisable. That said, you don't always have a choice in the matter, either. At some point, even the most ardent and dedicated eater is going to have some sort of hunger pain at night, and is going to succumb to hitting the fridge after or around midnight looking for some sort of salvation in the form of anything from leftover dinner items to even cracking open the freezer for some ice cream.
Truthfully, eating late isn't the best idea, but if you have to, you should at least do it with common sense at the front of your mind and subsequent decision making. For example, you might want to consider the why the word "snack" is part of that famous phrase.
You're only supposed to have something small, such as pretzels or a little popcorn. This is not the time to finish off that 16 inch sub sandwich from last Sunday's get together with your buddies. Furthermore, you certainly can continue or implement your healthy ways with your snack of choice at midnight or beyond. Don't be afraid to fire up that juicer or Nutribullet and make yourself a smoothie with some frozen fruit, water and just a tiny bit of vegetables. You want to lay low on too much fiber that late at night, which could spell trouble for your tummy overnight.

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The old adage that eating late at night forces your stomach to work harder isn't necessarily true, but you still want to stick with items that are doing more good than harm as it relates to your digestive system. Yogurt is always a good choice, as if a piece of fruit without skin (think banana) or if you must have skin something really tiny (blueberries, grapes, etc.)
Cereal often is a smart choice, too, but you might again want to stay away from Raisin Bran and stick with something a little lighter such as Rice Krispies or Corn Flakes.
Whatever you choose, you have to remember that the goal is plan your meals better so that eating late isn't even entertained. But if you have that option rear its ugly head, make sure you're choices are that much more attractive.

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