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By The Book: Post-college Careers Appear Bleak But Only If You're Not Looking In The Right Place

Even if you're not a math major in college, something about heading to a major university or college after high school devoid of a genuine game plan simply doesn't add up.
The job market isn't what it once was as the increase in employment is modest at best, sluggish at worst. Those jobs that are being created or becoming available aren't exactly rooted in steep wages or the kind of career-oriented employment that college graduates gravitate toward.
Conversely, tuition costs continue to rise as does on-campus housing and the cost of books and classroom-related material.
In short, there are so many students graduating and so few jobs to fulfill the needs of the masses. This unbalanced equation of those newly christened to the work force and the number of high-paying careers available changes the landscape of both choosing a college and also determining a specific course of action when choosing a major.
Those not making a calculated decision as far as a potential career find themselves in a familiar demographic: a four-year college graduate with thousands of dollars of school loans to repay but only employable in the minimum wage sector in this environment.

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Waiting tables or working retail while you're searching for a career in your field could be a frustrating endeavor, especially once that first loan payment slip arrives in the mail.
The notion of going to college after high school isn't so much in question but rather the real question needs to shift from the simple to the sound.
Instead of "Which college should I attend?" being the norm, a student needs to ponder the following: "Which major or course of study will guarantee me a job?"
Certain majors reek of reliability as far as jobs are concerned: engineering, computer programming and computer science along with big data analytics, which is the practice of examining large amounts of data and types and attempting to decipher their levels of importance. This in turn leads to businesses of all shapes and sizes taking the findings and making crucial decisions and thus increasing revenue streams as a result.
No university does big data analytics better than the University of Tennessee. This forward-thinking, innovative institution pretty much wrote the book on big data analytics as far as the teaching and implementation aspects of it. They're ranked as a top school in that particular field and their job placement rate is outstanding. Careers in big data analytics start in the low $70,000 per year range. Right now, the University of Tennessee has a job placement rate that flirts with flawless -- as in 100%. The University of Tennessee cultivated and created big data analytics courses for undergraduate programs in addition to Masters and MBA as of 2010.
Companies search out graduates of this particular major as business analytics have become the litmus test in determining the success and failures of overall business practices. The overwhelming value of a person who is adept and knowledgeable at data configuration and business is indescribable and makes he or she the type of employee that companies can't do without. In turn, this creates a true sense of job security that is priceless.
This is a glaring example of choosing a college career with realistic staying power, specific, learned course study and undeniable versatility at its core -- the kind of major that should be the criterion these days given the state of the job market as a whole.
That soft job market coupled with courses of study and college majors such as theater, communications, history and political science that lack specificity or are no longer viable career options lead some students to trade schools as those types of institutions have found an increase in attendance in recent years. That type of training is marketed to a demographic of post high-school students that are searching out immediate employment thanks to a hands-on school that makes it a point to find them a job.
So that begs the question, why can't traditional universities and colleges offer that same type of would-be guarantee?
They certainly can, but only if you're looking within the right field and, more just as important, the right school.

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