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Crunch time: Are certain exercises simply off limits

How many times have you been at the gym, starting to work out and tried a new move and paid for it the next day?
Chances are, that has happened quite a bit, whether you're a novice in the workout room or someone who would consider themselves well versed in the ins and outs of training. Everyone who's ever slid on a pair of sweatpants or joined a health club knows that one of the driving forces behind sticking with an exercise program is variety, specifically changing up your workouts from one week to the next.
The goal behind this simply is to keep your body guessing, which in turn doesn't allow it to become complacent and thus stop changing for the better even though you're working out extremely hard in the process.
The body is quite adept at saying to itself, "Hey, we've doing this same exercise for the last month, and I need something new to keep me engaged." And with that, you'll begin searching high and low online or conversing with other gym goers or even the personal training staff to start devising a workout that flips what you're currently doing on its proverbial ear or simply adding a new move sporadically as part of your normal routine.
Where the masses tend to get themselves into trouble is this penchant for wanting to persistently alter their workout but attempting to do a new exercise that simply is either too dangerous or just not advisable given how your body is meant to move (or at the very least conditioned to move).

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Anything that is a body weight training exercise (like a push up or triceps dip) should be carefully done but adding additional weight into the mix makes it even dicier. You should become accustomed and comfortable doing those aforementioned exercise minus the weights before you start packing on the pounds to these moves.
Twisting also is a major flaw as part of the workout or a particular exercise. You have to be certain that you don't only feel comfortable moving like that but, again, not adding weights to tone faster. What you'll end up doing is hurting yourself and setting your exercise goals back considerably.
As someone new or old to exercise, you also want to think twice about any move that puts you in danger immediately. That's why bench pressing should be done with a spotter or on a machine that, if you suddenly have to drop the bar, can protect you with how its made.
One exercise in particular that is dangerous is the triceps workout known as "skull crushers." These find the person doing it laying on his or her back and lowering a weighted curl bar from an elbow extended position to just over their head with elbows bent (hence the name).
Wanting to make major gains as part of your workout is a good mindset but not in lieu of leaving some of these exercises on the sidelines for your own protection.

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