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Surface woes: Is the lower priced tablet and laptop hybrid smart idea?

Anyone who has used the Microsoft Surface tablet knows just how remarkable convenient this laptop is, mostly because it sports a superb keyboard that can detach and turn this into a tablet as well.
The one aspect of the Microsoft Surface easily would be the price point. As the price of laptops has dropped dramatically, the Surface still weighs in with a heftier price tag, roughly between $800-$1,000. Of course, there are laptops available, mostly of the Apple ilk, that still tip the scales above the $1,000 price tag. The Surface is right up there as far as laptop pricing goes, even though most traditional laptops have fallen to the point that you can get one for a few hundred bucks.
The creators of the Surface have taken note, at least you can assume that is what has happened, and have decided to offer a lesser expensive version of their popular tablet, which should hit the market at about $599.
Mixed emotions typically abound when you talk about a remarkable product and the subsequent announcement that it is going to be made cheaper so that it can appeal to a wider market and thus sell more units. Some look at this as compromising an idea or product that works well and, quite frankly, might just be one of those items that not everyone can afford just based on performance and the convenience.
Any time a high end product decides to make a lesser version, consumers typically react accordingly and breath a sigh of relief knowing they too can have this device or gadget that everyone can't stop raving about because of how wonderful it is. The flip side is, however, that same product and the lesser version of it might not perform as well as expected, because let's face it something has to be sacrificed to make it less expensive to the marketplace.

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In the case of the Surface, the $599 version has a slower processor but that hardly seems like too much of a deal breaker given that most users might not be so much as interested as the fire power but rather the bells and whistles like the screen resolution, touch screen usage (and pen), along with the detachable keyboard that works surprisingly well with any user (even us with the hands that are larger and have become accustomed to using a larger keyboard on a traditional laptop).
Turns out, the Surface stands the test of dropping the price and not giving away too much of what made it one of the more desired and purchased devices in recent years.

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