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Tube socked: Why summer tends to give men fits as far as style

From shorts to socks and everything in between, summer isn't always so kind to men as it relates to their wardrobe, specifically finding something that is between fashionable and flawed and leaning more toward the former.
The real problem is hard to pinpoint down to one piece of clothing, since shirts, shorts and shoes tend to give men the biggest fit, particularly the shorts part. As the weather is starting to turn warmer in some areas as they recover from bitter cold and snowy winters, men want to shed their sweaters and jeans in exchange for a stylish, comfortable look of shorts and shirts.
The issue with shorts is two fold: they tend to want to simply shorten those jeans and buy jean shorts, which made a modest comeback a few years ago but hardly would be considered something you'd see on the cover of GQ Magazine. That said, not everything has to be overly cool or hip per say, but jean shorts just don't cut it. And please, don't be that guy who actually "cuts it" and takes scissors to his jeans and turns them into homemade shorts.
Your better bet is to find a nice pair of khaki or cargo shorts that are a darker white or tan and pair them with a solid color polo or even a dressier T shirt. The real hurdle is losing the mindset that you have to always look as though you stepped off that aforementioned magazine cover. Summer is about comfort but without looking sloppy or completely misguided and channeling your inner decade that doesn't translate from a clothing standpoint any longer.
Yes, of course you can wear a T shirt and shorts, but there's nothing wrong with making sure the shirt is the right size and shorts don't look like they've been laying on your closet floor since last summer.

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The socks part is quite troubling, however. If you're inclined to wear running shoes, make sure the socks at the very least are ankle ones. Tube socks and shoes should be banished from the summer schedule immediately and without question. And naturally, talk of sandals and socks also is forbidden to be spoken of and especially worn.
Those who shake their heads at the idea that summer should follow some sort of fashion rule need to be reminded that looking the part doesn't change even when the weather gets warms. Guys have a tendency to want to shed clothing and common sense and just be comfortable for the sake of donning the kind of attire one would deem acceptable.

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