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Snacks attacked: Why certain foods hardly are 'junk'

The word "snack" often carries with it a negative connotation, given that it typically is associated with not only dieting but the kind of foods that you shouldn't be eating or just outright avoid when you can.
Snacking truly centers on two schools of thought: eating foods without much regard for the actual item in front of you or making it a point to boost your metabolism and fill the gaps between breakfast, lunch and dinner with foods that are healthy and keep you from overeating during those aforementioned meals.
The junk food items, of course, tend to get the most publicity naturally given the amount of people who struggle mightily with their weight. Those foods tend to be pinpointed quickly, such as desserts, potato chips and anything else with a high fat and calorie count you can get your hands on at a moment's notice.
We all know that sort of snacking is downright bad most of the time (yes, you can have your cheat day in there somewhere; we all do), but what about snacking that is superb and absolutely warranted as part of your daily routine as it relates to meals?
A lot of what ails snacking is that penchant to want to eat foods that are unhealthy because they taste better than so called health foods. But what is often lost in that sentiment is health foods don't necessarily have to be purchased with that particular moniker or bought with little or no emphasis on taste.

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Most of what fuels your weight management and subsequent eating is most likely already in your fridge, and you don't even know just how remarkably competent these foods are when it comes to staying healthy and trim.
Did you know pickles tend to help with carbohydrates, more specifically limiting their absorption in your body and thus killing off that bloated feeling you might have? Certainly, you wouldn't consider pickles a health food now, would you?
One food that does carry with it that health food stigma line are smoothies of any kind. Whether you're dumping in chocolate powder or peanut butter or filling it full of delectable greens, your smoothie might find itself somewhere between delicious and diabolical as it relates to taste. Smoothies are a great snack in that you can play Dr. Frankenstein of sorts with what you add.
Keep in mind smoothies can have a boat load of nutrients but still taste like you're drinking juice if you know the fine art of blending. Green apples and blueberries tend to be the great equalizer if you're making a smoothie and want to add Kale, spinach or other leafy greens but would rather not actually taste them. Lemons also are a great immune booster that also help fight off certain types of digestive cancers.
So, stop assuming snacking is something that is always going to be a bad thing and enjoy the kind of treats that truly aren't trying to trick you into thinking you're doing something wrong.

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