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Coffee grounded: Is your cup of coffee keeping you healthier?

Coffee truly is one of the more polarizing drinks in that some will argue that it has a plethora of benefits, while others have decreed that this caffeine fueled beverage has no business being lauded as needing to be consumed daily.
As much as the negative tends to gain steam, the positives have started to gain traction, one could argue perk up, as it relates to why coffee is coming on strong as being the drink that not only gives you that boost of energy but also has a series of benefits that go above and beyond taste.
This morning pick me up helps us all concentrate for sure on the day's work ahead, but what about coffee as a means to help fight disease or even ward off liver issues or cancers.
Recent studies have shown that coffee intake will help your liver as it relates to cancer. As little as one cup her day will help you decrease liver cancer, a study that was done in animals to start but shows some merit in humans as well. On a smaller scale, coffee also helps with inflammation in the same vein as an anti inflammatory pill like Advil would do. Other disease linked to coffee as far as the drink fighting them off is Diabetes (Type 2) or even brain issues such as dementia and Alzheimer's.
Obviously with any sort of cancer, you have to manage your weight accordingly. Coffee helps to burn fat and can give you that kind of energy that is the difference between skipping today's workout or doing at least 30 minutes of cardio every day.

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Have you ever wondered why you see exercisers at the gym always sipping on a coffee even at 5 or 6 at night? That's because we all understand how caffeine works and that the coffee can push you through a workout that you might be willing to walk away from if you're not feeling your best energy wise.
Like anything else, however, coffee is no different in that moderation is key. Those who take part in one cup of coffee in the morning and maybe a second in the mid afternoon, you'll undoubtedly reap the benefits that this drink brings to your table at home.

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