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Facial scared: Is your beard becoming out of control?

One of the more stylish looks men sport is the five o'clock shadow, the subtle beard that walks a fine line between disheveled and dashing.
But that look, made famous by just about every male celebrity in Hollywood or handsome actor you'll see on television or in movies, isn't always welcomed by the masses, particularly when you take that shadow and turn it into a beard that is just plain bad.
The key to making the beard work in your favor is battling the mentality that growing it long without any sort of grooming or trimming is the way to go. Some guys will argue that they're in the midst of seeing how long and unruly they can get their beard, perhaps as an homage to the playoffs of a particular sport (called aptly a playoff beard) or just because they've decided that growing out their beard is about persistence and patience, rather than caring realistically how they look.
This isn't to suggest that having a beard is bad news across the board, but rather pursuing this look with caution and enough clarity and peace of mind to know that you have to do more to make the beard seem like it was done on purpose, instead of just looking as though you haven't showered or don't care.
Usually, for example, you want to make sure the hair doesn't stretch down your entire neck but instead from the Adam's Apple down should be clean and shaved accordingly. This makes the bearded look more appealing and look as though there is some thought put into how you're facial hair looks.

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You'll also want to invest in a razor that really does the trick electrically, so skimping on price isn't in your best interest. A real electric razor that is worth buying is going to be in the three digit range, and if that is sticker shock in your book, then prepared to have a trimmed beard that is downright terrible. If you're the type that wants leave a mustache only and would like a clean, wet, traditional shave, then the old shaving cream and razor are pure gold, but only if you take the steps to ensure a close shave (such as using a hot towel to wet and prep your face before you start scraping and clawing at it.
The beard definitely resides as a fashion statement, but what your saying might not quite be the message you want to convey if you're not treating your beard as a priority with the utmost attention and respect to your face's appeal.

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