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Fat Chance: Don't Bother Seriously Hitting The Gym Unless You're Packing Products Built To Last

Capital One always asks the question: "What in Your Wallet?"
A better question that needs posed to men and women only pretending to hit the gym hard is "What's in Your Gym Bag?"
Still slopping around the health club in those grungy sweat pants and sleep shirt? Are you using a grocery tote for a gym bag? Have your running shoes seen much better days?
If you've answered "yes" to any of those questions, your would-be fitness wardrobe and accessories needs a major upgrade.
Hitting the exercise scene isn't the same as rolling out of bed, watching TV or painting around the house. Those serious about fitness and actually interested in breaking a sweat instead of going through the motions needs the type of renegade, rambunctious clothing that screams intensity -- the kind of fervor that your pajamas simply can't state.

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Heavy-duty exercisers need clothing that exudes an inner and outer toughness, something along with lines of the XT46 line from Soffe.com. This web site doesn't pull any punches and instead smashes you over the head with a line of products for not only men but also women and kids.
The XT46 brand is especially potent and includes a product line of all-weather training pants for men, MMA training shorts and equally tough tops to match.
Clothing isn't the only gym necessity that should be rooted in rough and intensity. Nothing is more annoying than those free headphones or ear buds that come with your phone or that pair you picked up in lost and found that simply won't stay put in your ear.
The days of ear-popping headphones will cease to exist thanks to the Yurbuds, headphones created for the serious athletes and inspired by the Ironman. These headphones sound phenomenal and are incredibly durable and actually fit well in your ear.
Better yet, they don't fall out in the middle of a bench press or run.
And speaking of running, anyone else get miffed when running turns into a jumbled mess thanks to loose change, cell phones and wallets tumbling through your pockets? Combat that with the SBIband -- a secure, spectacular wrist band that puts a stranglehold on not only your items but the idea of losing valuables while you're working out.
If you're injured or can't work out, using a simple compression wrap or band isn't going to cut it. That's when Rocktape rules the fitness world. Rocktape is revolutionary in nature and helps cure all that ails you: from knee injuries to sore elbows and joints and lower-back discomfort, among other issues. This tape is rooted in kinesiology and not only helps with injuries but also can be applied before workouts to help blood flow and reducing injuries and subsequent fatigue.
Now, the only thing you'll be tired from is telling fellow exercisers how you've managed to get in shape, look good and stay injury free in the process.

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