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House call: Netflix nearing deal to land lauded 'Full House' follow up

No one can argue that nostalgia often dictates decision making when it comes to movies, television shows and the vast majority of entertainment in all of its forms or fashions.
Whether Hollywood has opted for a remake of a movie or television show to post on the big screen in lieu of an original idea, most of the time fans turn out even if the effort isn't really that creative or positive, but rather tend to have their interest piqued because of curiousness rather than anything really groundbreaking.
Television also plays the nostalgia card quite well, namely the return of various shows like "The Odd Couple," starring Matthew Perry or even a new twist on an old favorite, think "Boy Meets World" coming back as "Girl Meets World" and Ben Savage, once playing a child on the former, now opting for the role of concerned parent and raising a daughter. Interest for the show reached a fervor upon the announcement as former 13 year olds that watched the original now couldn't help but tune in to see the latest incarnation of the show.
Now, Netflix is adding to its original programming ironically with a show similar to that of "Girl Meets World" as they'll attempt to tap into the popularity of the show "Full House" with its own spinoff of sorts, "Fuller House."
The show will star Candace Cameron, who played D.J. Tanner on the original show, as an adult alongside best friend character Kimmy Gibbler. Netflix is rumored to have ordered 13 episodes of the new show, which also most likely will include guest appearances from the original cast (although you shouldn't hold out hope for the Olsen Twins).

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The fact is the show "Fuller House" on Netflix most likely will draw more viewers to the streaming channel for the same reason you decided to spend money on "Dukes of Hazard" ticket stub or saw all of the "Brady Bunch" movies: you can't help but rest your head comfortably on what you know, and nostalgic endeavors rank at the top of those lists.
If "Fuller House" pans out beyond a first season, that would be quite the return to form for the franchise. But even if it is a proverbial one and done, you'll still have legions of fans of the original show feeling totally satisfied with the new version of the show.
One could even say they'll be "Full" filled with anything that recalls fond memories of a show they loved.

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