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Wash and burn: Are women more inclined to buy men's grooming supplies?

Women spend billions of dollars a year on everything from moisturizer to facial masks to ensure their skin looks firm, stays young and defies the aging process. On the other hand, men, not surprisingly, still are playing catch up in this category.
The men, however, are gaining ground quickly and in a relative surprising way.
The sale of men's grooming and facial products has soared nearly 60% in the last five years, a number that isn't without its explanation as to why such a surge. It wasn't that long ago when men used soap, water and a towel, and that was considered the best the male species was offered as it relates to cleaning up in a way that is comparable to women, even though it was nowhere close to be the same. Recent years has seen an uptick in not only sales but men in general openly embracing their masculinity with using would be only female products like facial scrubs and after shave moisturizer that goes beyond the stuff that burns your face and convinces the masses that is a good thing.
But part of the growing popularity of men's grooming products has to do with women. No, that doesn't mean women are putting pressure on men to use them but rather the female clientele has discovered that men's products are just as successful and superb as the ones for women, only at a price tag that is somewhere in the neighborhood of 40% less expensive for purchase. You have to assume that the pricing discrepancy has to do mostly with the manufacturers realizing that women tend to justify spending more on concealer or specialty washes, and thus increase the price without question, knowing that particular market justifies spending and buys what they want.
Women have grown wise to checking active ingredients and have come to the realization that they can save plenty if they just buy a men's version of the same product they use. Those assuming that men's skin care products are made differently couldn't be more off based. Sure, they may sizzle with words like "made for men" or "rugged," but truthfully the chemistry behind these are identical, from sunscreen or even anti aging creams.

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You have to wonder if the makers of the women's products might catch wind of their demographic switching to the male side of the fence and thus will alter pricing accordingly. While that may not be happening at the moment, if enough women begin to the push to the male side of the table, you'll see a drastic shift in how women's products are priced, sold and universally accepted as their own.

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