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Budget bloom: How to bring your budget back quickly and easily

As funny and incomprehensible as it sounds, one of the major reasons why most people struggle to save money is that they fail to adhere to a budget or, surprisingly enough, simply don't have one.
One of the bigger hurdles that is budget related isn't so much not knowing you need one but realizing or fully understanding how to put one together. Sure, the bare bones of a the budget is relatively simple to grasp: spend less than you make.
That concept, however, falls on deaf ears for the most part as the majority of consumers carry more than just a little bit of debt. Debt to income ratios often get out of control when spending becomes commonplace, rather than actually writing down the nuts and bolts of your finances for you to truly see in black and white what you can afford to spend.
When crafting the perfect budget, you have to start with evaluating your monthly expenses, most notably the bills that are easily fixable as far as cutting them down to next to nothing. Think in this case about the cable, phone, internet and something that is more optional and subscription based that can be canceled (perhaps a gym membership in the warmer months can be canceled or that Amazon Prime subscription just isn't panning out to be worth it).
Most of those aforementioned monthly charges can be cut rather easily (do you really need 30 GB of data to stream on your phone or can you get away with a $15 per month hot spot charge versus trying to pay $60 or more per month for cable provided internet service?).

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Another budgeting fault, aside from not having one, is not being able to adapt your budget or change it as your situation is altered by losing a job, gaining a better one or anything else on the horizon that is forthcoming.
Budgeting isn't a "one and done" type process. You have to constantly change your mentality with it, so if you lose a job, cutting is necessary. Same if you get a newer, better job, you have to resist the urge to take that solid budget and start adding to it simply because you make more money. The idea is to save, not spend frivolously.
Budgeting has the connotative meaning of being something that is difficult, unwanted or even unnecessary. But in order to save money, you can't survive without one.

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